The Surprising Benefits of Moose Antlers: From Weaponry to Attraction

Uncategorized By May 20, 2023

Moose antlers, known for their strength and durability, have surprising benefits for humans beyond just a decorative addition to a wall. The antlers are useful in self-protection, territorial fighting and defense, while containing glucosamine that can help boost the immune system and cardiovascular health. They are also said to be natural aphrodisiacs with male virility enhancing properties. These antlers have cultural significance for indigenous people who use them for spiritual practices. Hunters can also use them to attract wildlife during hunting trips. Moose antlers are a valuable asset to humans from both a functional and decorative perspective.

The Moose, sometimes referred to as the ‘king of the forest’, is an iconic animal that is appreciated and admired by many. These majestic creatures not only offer a mesmerizing sight in the wilderness, but also provide various benefits to humans, particularly through their antlers. Moose antlers are astonishing features that have a lot more significance than people realize. In this article, we will explore some of the surprising benefits of moose antlers.


Moose antlers serve as potent weapons that can be used for self-protection, defense, and territorial fighting. The antlers are made of dense and hard bone material that protects the moose’s head during fights. When used to attack, these antlers can cause immense harm and can even kill predators. Moose antlers can weigh up to 40lbs and are made of a combination of calcium and protein. If you’ve ever seen two male moose engage in battle, you’ll understand the power of these strong and durable antlers.

Medicinal Properties

Moose antlers also have many medicinal properties that are beneficial to humans. They contain a nutrient called glucosamine that is used to treat arthritis, joint pain, and other inflammatory conditions. Glucosamine found in moose antler velvet extract is also known to help boost the immune system, stimulate tissue development and promote cardiovascular health.


Moose antlers are thought to have natural aphrodisiac properties. According to traditional medicine, antler velvet contains testosterone-like substances. As such, it is believed that consuming moose antlers can increase male virility and enhance sexual performance. Although the scientific evidence supporting this claim is yet to be established, moose antlers’ aphrodisiac properties may explain why they are used in many traditional medicine practices.


Moose antlers have aesthetically pleasing qualities, making them perfect for home decor. They look great when mounted on the wall, and can even be used to create chandeliers, candle holders and other home decor items. The unique shapes and sizes of the antlers offer endless decorative possibilities.


Moose antlers can be used to attract wildlife during hunting trips. Hunters often use antlers to produce sounds that imitate the sound of moose or deer. The antlers’ natural shape and construction make them perfect for calling for animals in the wild.


Q. Can moose antlers transmit diseases?

A. Moose antlers are unlikely to transmit diseases to humans. However, you should take care when handling them to avoid getting injured.

Q. Is it legal to keep moose antlers as decoration?

A. Yes, it is legal to keep real moose antlers as decoration in most states. However, it is important to obtain them from legally obtained sources.

Q. Are there any cultural significances related to moose antlers?

A. Yes, many indigenous people use moose antlers for cultural and spiritual purposes. Moose antlers are used in various traditional practices, usually to symbolize strength and power.

Q. Do moose shed their antlers?

A. Yes, moose shed their antlers annually. The shedding process happens in the winter, and they start growing new ones in the spring.

In conclusion, Moose antlers are an essential and fascinating part of the moose’s anatomy, and are highly valuable to humans for different reasons, including their medicinal value, aesthetic and attraction purposes, and weaponry capacities. Moose antlers are also a traditional and spiritual symbol of strength and power for many indigenous groups. Whether you are a hunter, collector, or simply appreciate their beauty, moose antlers are undoubtedly remarkable features that offer essential benefits to the animal kingdom and humans alike.