The Science Behind Prey’s Alien Creatures Revealed

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The biology, evolution, and origins of the alien creatures found in Prey, the first-person shooter game, are explored in this article. The creatures come from the highly adaptable Typhon organism, which came to Earth through a portal created by a secret government initiative. The Mimic’s ability to transform into nearby objects has biological roots in the protein-based substance found in its skin. The evolution of the different Typhon species has led to unique traits and survival abilities such as specialized ambush hunting and hive defense. Prey’s attention to detail in creating a science fiction world with a rich backstory and believable mythology sets it apart from other games.

The Science Behind Prey’s Alien Creatures Revealed

Prey, a popular first-person shooter game, has been noted for its unique and terrifying alien creatures. But have you ever wondered about the science behind these creatures? In this article, we’ll delve into the biology and evolution of the different alien species found in Prey.

Introduction to Prey’s Alien Creatures

Prey’s alien creatures are diverse and vary in their abilities, behavior, and appearance. From the small, spider-like Mimic to the giant, towering Nightmare, each alien species has its own unique characteristics that make them a challenge to overcome.

But where did these creatures come from? What drives their behavior and evolution? We’ll answer these questions and more as we explore the science behind Prey’s alien creatures.

The Origins of the Prey Aliens

According to the lore of the game, the alien species found in Prey originated from a single extraterrestrial organism known as the Typhon. This creature arrived on Earth through an artificial portal created by a secret government initiative known as the Kletka Program.

The Typhon is a highly adaptable organism that can take on a variety of forms and abilities, allowing it to thrive in a range of environments. As the Typhon evolved and spread throughout Earth, it gave rise to the various alien species that players encounter in the game.

The Biology of Prey’s Alien Creatures

One of the most notable aspects of Prey’s alien creatures is their ability to mimic surrounding objects, a characteristic shared by several Typhon species. The Mimics, for example, can transform into objects as small as coffee cups or as large as chairs, allowing them to ambush unsuspecting players.

This ability is not just a convenient gameplay mechanic, but it also has biological roots. The Mimic’s skin is made up of a protein-based substance that can absorb and mimic the texture and colors of nearby objects. This provides a level of camouflage and allows the Mimic to hide in plain sight while waiting for prey.

Other Typhon species have unique adaptations and abilities that help them survive in their environment. The Weavers, for example, can manipulate and control the behavior of other Typhon species, while the Nightmares are nearly invincible and can only be defeated by a particular weapon-type.

The Evolution of Prey’s Alien Creatures

As the Typhon species evolved, they developed unique traits and abilities that allowed them to thrive in different environments. The Mimics and Phantom species, which are highly specialized for stealth and ambush hunting, evolved partially due to the necessity to find hiding places and ambush their prey.

On the other hand, the Nightmares are an example of highly specialized species created to protect the Typhons’ hive’s central structure. They have evolved to be highly resilient to attack and are therefore able to effectively protect the hive from outsiders.

The Typhon’s ability to adapt and evolve allowed them to survive and thrive in the varied environments of the game, from the microgravity of space to the harsh conditions of Earth.


Q: Are the alien species in Prey based on real-life organisms?

A: While some of the biology of Prey’s alien creatures has scientific roots, the organisms themselves are purely fictional.

Q: How do the Typhon species reproduce?

A: Although it is not specifically explained in the game, it is believed that the Typhon reproduce asexually, allowing them to quickly spread and populate new environments.

Q: Can players interact with the Typhon in any way besides combat?

A: Yes, players can also use a psychokinetic ability called “Neuromods” to access the Typhons’ telepathic abilities, allowing them to communicate and control the Typhon’s behavior.

Q: How does Prey’s science fiction setting differ from other games?

A: Prey stands out for its attention to detail in creating a believable science fiction world, with a rich backstory and believable science-based mythology. Additionally, the game’s mechanics allow for a great deal of player choice and freedom in how they approach different situations, which can impact the game’s outcome.


The science behind Prey’s alien creatures is a fascinating glimpse into the rich world of science fiction and how biology and evolution can drive the creation of fantastical creatures. The Typhon are a testament to how nature can adapt and thrive in even the harshest environments and provide a terrifying and thrilling experience for players.