Rediscovering the Simplicity of Country Living: Why More People are Abandoning City Life

Uncategorized By May 22, 2023

More people are leaving cities and moving to rural areas, seeking a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. The allure of country living includes a closer connection to nature, lower cost of living, a stronger sense of community, and more opportunities for outdoor activities. Advances in technology have made remote work and communication possible, allowing people to earn city salaries while living in rural areas. Despite potential limitations in healthcare and education, rural areas often offer well-established schools and healthcare services. Sustainable and self-sufficient options such as starting farms or bed and breakfasts are also popular. Overall, rural living can provide a rewarding and peaceful lifestyle for those seeking a break from urban hustle and bustle.

Rediscovering the Simplicity of Country Living: Why More People are Abandoning City Life

As the world becomes more connected and fast-paced, many people are opting for a simpler way of life by moving away from the city and rediscovering the beauty of country living. It’s a lifestyle that’s gaining popularity as people look for respite from the hustle and bustle of urban communities. In this article, we’ll explore why people are choosing to leave the city and head for the countryside, and the benefits that come with this lifestyle shift.

The Allure of Country Living

Country living is about the simplicity of life. It’s the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the sight of grazing livestock on a nearby hill, and the fresh air that fills your lungs. This lifestyle offers a pace that feels more natural, allowing you to destress and take a break from the fast-moving world around you.

Many people are taking a step back from the urban lifestyle to embrace the slower pace of the country. This shift is not only a change in environment, but it can also mean re-establishing a connection with nature and oneself.

Why People are Choosing Country Living

Here are some reasons why people are opting for a quieter and simpler way of life:

Cost of living:

Living in the city can be expensive. High housing prices, taxes, and other expenses add up quickly.

Whereas, the cost of living in rural areas is lower. Housing prices are generally lower, and taxes are often less. Food and healthcare costs can also be cheaper, considering that some people can grow their groceries on their own land.

Less stressful environment:

Life in the city is full of noise, pollution, and traffic, which can cause daily stress. This constant stress can lead to health problems, such as anxiety and high blood pressure.

Rural living, on the other hand, offers a peaceful environment with less noise and pollution. The slower pace of life has proven to be beneficial for mental and physical health by reducing levels of stress and increasing moments of calm and relaxation.

Stronger sense of community:

In cities, people often feel isolated despite being surrounded by people. Rural communities offer a closer sense of community. People in small towns may know each other intimately and often band together for support, hobbies, and events.

More Opportunities For Outdoor Activities:

When living in the countryside, there are abundant opportunities to stay active outdoors, such as hiking, fishing, and swimming in the nearby lake. You can participate in outdoor sports like softball and soccer, or ride horses if you choose to keep them.


What about work?

With the rise of remote work, there are now more opportunities to live in the countryside while still earning a city salary, allowing people to work from home. Additionally, many people opt to start small businesses like farms or bed and breakfasts in rural areas.

What about education for children?

Rural areas typically offer well-established schools and a stronger sense of community that can be beneficial for children of all ages. Additionally, there are many online education programs that make home-schooling possible.

What about healthcare?

Rural healthcare can be more limited than in urban areas, but telemedicine has brought more efficient access to health care services. Many rural areas have clinics, hospitals, and other medical services available. In case of emergencies, air ambulance services are also accessible.

In Conclusion

Living in rural areas can offer a simpler, less stressful, and more rewarding lifestyle. With advances in technology that provide greater flexibility in work and communication, more people can experience the benefits of country living. Though it’s not for everyone, those who decide to switch to it may find a new version of themselves and a peaceful lifestyle that returns them to a simple way of life.