10 Incredible Camping Hacks That Will Save Your Trip

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The article provides ten camping hacks to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. It suggests using empty Tic Tac containers to store spices, creating a portable washing station, bringing foam floor mats for comfort, creating a lantern from a headlamp and water bottle, using dryer lint as kindling, creating a natural bug repellent, covering shoes with a shower cap in case of rain, hanging a clothesline with a bungee cord, storing eggs in a water bottle, and protecting the car door with a foam noodle. The article also answers frequently asked questions regarding essential oils, dryer lint, and Tic Tac containers.

10 Incredible Camping Hacks That Will Save Your Trip

10 Incredible Camping Hacks That Will Save Your Trip

1. Use Tic Tac containers to store spices

If you love to cook while camping, bringing a variety of spices can make all the difference. Instead of packing bulky spice containers, use empty Tic Tac containers to store spices such as salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

2. Create a portable washing station

Keeping clean while camping can be a challenge. Create a portable hand-washing station by filling a large dispenser with water and placing it on a picnic table. Hang a bucket underneath to catch the water, and attach a soap dispenser and towel to the side.

3. Use foam floor mats for a comfortable sleep

Sleeping on the hard ground can be uncomfortable. Bring foam floor mats to place under your sleeping bag for added cushion and support.

4. Create a lantern from a headlamp and water bottle

If you forget a lantern, create one from a headlamp and a water bottle. Attach the headlamp to the bottle with the light facing in. The bottle will reflect the light around your tent and provide extra illumination.

5. Use dryer lint as kindling

If you need to start a fire, use dryer lint as kindling. It’s lightweight and easy to pack, and it catches fire easily.

6. Create a bug repellant with essential oils

Bugs can be a major problem while camping. Create a natural bug repellant by mixing essential oils with water in a spray bottle. Citronella, lavender, and peppermint are all effective at keeping bugs at bay.

7. Use a shower cap to cover shoes

If it starts to rain, keep your shoes dry by placing them inside a shower cap. This is also a great way to keep dirt and mud off your tent floor.

8. Hang a clothesline using a bungee cord

Hanging wet clothing to dry can be easy with a bungee cord. Wrap the cord around two trees and hang your clothes from the cord using clothespins.

9. Store eggs in a water bottle

Eggs are a great source of protein while camping, but they can be fragile. Crack eggs into a water bottle and shake to scramble. The eggs will be ready to pour and cook as desired, and the bottle will keep them safe during transport.

10. Use a foam noodle to protect your car door

If your car door is prone to hitting something while camping, place a foam noodle over the edge to prevent damage.


1. Can I use any essential oils for bug repellant?

Citronella, lavender, and peppermint are all effective at keeping bugs away. You can also try lemon eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

2. Will dryer lint work even if it’s damp?

Dryer lint works best when it’s dry, but it can still be used as kindling even if it’s slightly damp.

3. How many Tic Tac containers should I bring?

Bring as many Tic Tac containers as you need to store your desired spices. You can also use them to store other small items, such as jewelry or medication.